Photo by Gregory Katsoulis


Massachusetts author Anne Driscoll’s career has been, at once, both maverick and serendipitous. While a social worker, she counseled juvenile delinquent girls, listening to their stories of pain and challenge. She discovered the power of stories to heal, connect, provide insight and hope and then decided she not only wanted to hear stories, she wanted to share them.

She soon pursued her love of writing and telling stories and began her work as a journalist. It is fitting her name Driscoll is Irish for interpreter, intermediary, newsbearer. She was a longtime columnist for the Boston Globe, a New England correspondent for the New York Times, and covered everything from murder trials to movie premieres for People magazine.

She is a two-time Fulbright scholar in Ireland who taught students at the Irish Innocence Project at Griffith College in Dublin and at the University of Galway how to use journalism techniques to investigate wrongful convictions . She became an Irish citizen in 2021 and a Canadian citizen in 2022.